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Bulletin Board
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04/28/2021 – April Board Meeting Agenda
The Agenda for this months meeting is now available.
04/19/2021 – Important Notice for April 19, 2021 Special Meeting
Please click the link above for the important notice regarding the upcoming Special Meeting
03/34/2021 – March Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The minutes from this month’s meeting are now available.
03/15/2021 – Special Executive Meeting
Click the link above to view the notice for the special meeting.
2021 Operating Budget – Mutual 10
Click the link above to view the 2021 budget.
10/20/2020 – Special Meeting Notice
Click the link above to view the notice for the special meeting.
Leisure World – Independent Living Article
Click the link above to read an independent living article.
04/19/2020 – Election Postponement Notice
Please click the link above regarding the Elections Postponement
01/13/2020 – Special Board Meeting – Conference Room B @ 2:30pm
There will be a special board meeting on 01/13.  Click for Attachment 1 & Attachment 2.
09/03/2019 – Special Meeting, Tree Walk w/ J & J Landscaping
Click the link above to view the special meeting notice.
03/25/2019 – Click here for the Unofficial Restated Bylaws for Mutual 10
Mutual 10 By-laws
Click to read Mutual 10’s by-laws.
Carport Cleaning
Carport cleanings take place on the 4th Monday of each month.
Trust Street Cleaning
Trust street cleanings take place on the 4th Wednesday of each month.
Earthquake Country Alliance: Seven Steps to Earthquake Safety
Click to learn how to be safe during an earthquake.
Mutual 10 Tree Log and Tree Inventory
The Tree Log and Tree Inventory for Mutual 10 are available online now. Check up on the past pruning and future scheduled maintenance. Click here for the spreadsheet version.
Otto’s Poem

A good neighbor is worth her weight in gold!

You are lucky if such a person lives next to you, I am told. If you can boast of one named IRMGARD you are blessed Because, in my book of nice people—she is one of the best.

We made a pact to call each other each morning at eight, It is a feeling of security and I try never to be late. When once I left the house without making this call She immediately wondered what ill did me befall.

The hospital she phoned to find out if I was there. Leisure World Security was alarmed: so much did she care. With a neighbor like this you can surely be at peace And a daily contact with her so much does me please.

So, dear Irmgard at Christmas 2008 I do think about you And wish you the best of the season, you always come through! With your son to be with you I wish you much holiday cheer: To have you close by is so valuable, you are such a Dear.

Otto Ross 13140
Seaview Ln. 246-F
Seal Beach, CA 90740-3470